Pipe Dream (2002) DVD Movie Martin Donovan

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A New York romantic satire centering around David Kulovic, a hapless plumber, who is depressed about his lack of status. Looking to meet women, he persuades a client, who is a casting director, to set up an audition for a movie that doesn’t exist–with the David posing as the director, himself. However, when the plumber’s project develops unexpected buzz, Toni Adelman–the struggling writer whose script David stole–decides to build on the hype so that finally, she can make her movie. Acting as the script supervisor, Toni directs the movie vicariously through David, which leads to tension both on and off the set. It becomes clear that their stormy relationship is really about the unspoken attraction for each other that they share, and neither the plumber nor the writer knows quite how to handle it.

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